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Friday, February 17, 2017


Though this is a 2015 show, only recently I know this show existed...probably because I am not a fan of any actors/actresses of the show...Oh Ji Ho, though has been in the industry for a while now, still needs to fix a lot of areas. I mean, just look at his most reason work, Oh My Geumbi. I find it fascinating that the acting of the child actor playing Geumbi is more believable and touch my heart more than Oh Ji Ho, an adult.

Though I really value good acting, what drawn me into this drama is the story.. Sometime, even with good writing like Signal, I can't overlook Lee Jee Hoon poor performance. However, with this drama, actor and acting is the least of my fact, I don't even care. The main villain backstory is so good, it trumps everything else.

The main villain backstory is really commendable. He is a lawyer who, by day, makes a living by helping bad rich people escape punishment through loopholes in law. However, by night, he is a leader of a group called Saranghoe, who punishes people who escape mainstream law earlier. So in a nutshell, he helps his clients escape law, then he punishs them with his own law, which is always death penalty.

How Saranghoe works -> the lawyer, Han Gyu Hyeok will helps his client escape law. His people will then kidnap The Client. The Client will then be trial by Saranghoe law and Saranghoe law is pretty simple, if The Client's victim wants The Client dead, The Client will be sentence to death.

How Saranghoe court room looks like

The way they recruit their people is also quite unique. The people of Saranghoe are mostly Han Gyu Hyeok's previous client's victims. When law disappoint them, Han Gyu Hyeok helps them find justice, in their own way. He helps them get their revenge. He makes use of their rage and they or their families end up becoming accomplices. After that person has become an accomplice, they will then help to kidnap the next target. Since the kidnapper is practically unrelated to the target, there is no way police could trace the connection, thus making it the perfect crime. In addition, since Han Gyu Hyeok helps them when they hit rock bottom, these people are very loyal to him.


I.....understand his logic. Laws are made by human, therefore, it's only natural for laws to be flawed. In a world where laws can be bought, I understand why such extreme measures need to be taken....and it's not like they are killing someone good, they are killing bad guys here, the worst kind...people that the world would be better without....Giving his circumstances, I understand his choice. Which makes me wonder,

"If I were in his shoes, would I make similar choice?"

Secret behind birth date

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The other day, Ayu's office had a session with Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah (FK). Since it is FK, I can only assume that he talked a lot about motivational, self development stuff...but my dear friend here, she only pick up things that interest her. One of it is on the link between your physical characteristic with personality or behaviour. oh boy, this topic kept us going till night!

Do you know that you can even guess a person personality from just looking at their fingers???? what now? People with fingers like mine are generally better at solving problems, good looking (oh thank you! :P ) and charming!

From this we moved on to other topics like the connection between personality and mole location and birth date. Oh speaking of birth date, we used this blog as guidance. I found several other blogs who talks about this topic too but surprise surprise, this blog owner has exactly the same birth date as I am! No need to count already.

So here is my result that I copy pasted from her blog,

Pro: Selalunya lebih aktif di kalangan kawan-kawan, dan ini menyebabkan individu dengan nombor kod asas 8 mudah terkenal. Sangat pendiam, konservatif dan pasif. Bertanggungjawab dan sangat bermoral. Seorang yang boleh dipercayai. Boleh menyelesaikan masalah. Tidak akan mempermain-mainkan orang lain.

Kontra: Kadangkala tidak jelas dengan apa yang hendak atau sedang dilakukan. Matlamat kabur (me). Nampak kuat secara luaran tetapi sebenarnya berhati sensitif. Sangat berhati-hati dan percaya kepada pandangan diri (also me). Mudah kehilangan peluang. Sekiranya terjerat dengan perkara-perkara tidak berfaedah dan membuang masa seperti hiburan, individu dengan nombor kod asas 8 mudah jatuh ke jurang kegagalan. (lol so me! look at me and tv shows). Selebriti yang memiliki nombor kod asas 8 termasuklah Osama Laden dan Steven Gerrad (pemain bola sepak Liverpool).

Huraian kod nombor 8 oleh Akademi Metafizik Excel 769:
Anda sentiasa mencari sesuatu. Mempunyai kebolehan dalam menguruskan sesuatu jabatan, perniagaan, projek, tugasan ataupun institusi kekeluargaan. Sekiranya anda sudah berkahwin, sudah semestinya anda pandai menguruskan keluarga. Anda mempunyai perancangan yang hebat dan amat gemar akan suasana kehidupan yang baik. Seorang yang bertanggungjawab, tabah, waras, adil, berterus terang, penilai yang baik, tegas dan kuat bekerja. Terkenal, kuasa dan bernasib baik adalah tiga perkara yang sentiasa mengelilingi anda. Anda juga seorang yang materialistik. Tetapi, yang tak bestnya adalah disebabkan anda sentiasa tercari-cari dan sibuk melihat-lihat sesuatu, anda kadang-kadang tidak tahu apa yang anda cari sebenarnya. Jadi, berhati-hatilah untuk tidak membuang masa melayan perkara-perkara yang tidak bermanafaat atau berfaedah.

I know it's a general comment but it's mind blowingly sooo close to my personality. My friends say so too! Try check yours and see. :P


Thursday, February 9, 2017


So, according to my schedule, I need to post something today....What should I tell you? hmmmmm... oh, recently, I was selected for a roundtable session with our big bosses. When my manager asked me to go, he told me why I was chosen.....he said he needed someone outspoken so he choose me...come again? what? Outspoken? ME?? *feltofchairindisbelief*

The rountable session was a success (my POV)....I think I played my part well. I jumped in when I needed to, voiced out my opinion, make proper eye contact, I believe eveything went smoothly. I was smooth too.

Whole life, never had I thought someone would describe me as "outspoken". All this while I thought I am the introvert - shy type! Even in this blog, how many times have I mention about my introvert moment....I guess not.

However, I am in fact, evolving, as I grow older and wiser. I have come so far since my teenage years. At 13, when I  presented something in front of the class, my voice is so low, even people in the first row can't hear me! Around that time my nickname was "budak suara kecik" -___________-

So this "budak suara kecik" grow up to become this "outspoken lady". Feeling super emotional right now. Never though that I could change....didn't realise that I did change.....I thought my life was stagnant. I guess, I have been underestimating myself.

Maybe, this 26 years old version of myself is not so introvert anymore. I need new words to describe myself. For now, I am,

"Outspoken, Sometime extrovert, most of the time introvert, socially awkward woman in her mid 20s."

yup. that sounds about right.

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