International Women's Day

Monday, March 12, 2018


"Kenape kene celebrate International Women's Day ye? Kenape asyik nak kene hargai perempuan je kenape takde International Men's Day?"

Firstly, I just google it and guys, International Men's Day exist! haha. there you go, don't complain.

Secondly, International Women's Day is not just a day to celebrate or appreciate women or a day to shower us with gift...not that I am complaining keep the appreciation coming :P but it is also a day for us to reflect, and remember that the fight for women's right is still far from over.

Now, when we say women's right or equality or feminism, some people view it as something negative. Saying that we are extremist trying to fight men and we're trying to push them out. Although I agree that some are indeed too extreme, the majority of us don't actually want to fight man.

I am a feminist and here is what feminism is to me:

Equality doesn't mean that we're seeking a world where everything is balance. I don't dream for every profession to have equal number of men and women. Feminism doesn't mean that I think women are the best and we are above men. I don't seek to be a queen and control my husband. It's delusional of me to think women are better at everything. I am a feminist and I still think men are better leaders and bosses.

Above all, it does not mean that I don't need men in my life. I do. Men play important part in feminism too. Imagine if Malala did not have her father to support her in everything she wants to do such as pursuing education and politics, she would never be the Malala that we know now.

What feminism means to me is for us to try to find a a way to co-exist, men and women, without anyone stepping on our rightful rights, as women...the right to work, the right to vote, the right for equal pay, the right to speak up, the right to go out, the right to drive, the right for education, the right to live and the right for protection. Some are not applicable to Malaysia because Malaysian organisations and companies are alhamdulillah not gender-bias. In that department, Malaysia is good.

However, we are still fighting for our right for protection. I even wrote an entry back in 2013 discussing about the same issue. We, women, have a right for protection, and you men, were supposed to protect us. Not catcalling, not rape, not kill, and not to abuse us. Until we get a world where no mother is condemn for giving birth to daughter when her husband/parent-in-law wants son, no wife is beaten by her husband, no grandfather/father/brother/friend rape a granddaughter/daughter/sister/friend and girl can walk freely on the street without men catcalling, this fight is still far from over.

In the name of humanity, of making the world a better place, men and women need to join forces to fix this problem...and that is what I think about feminism and why International Women's Day need to be celebrated....reminder of the fight for women's right.

we're not broken just bent and we can learn to love again

Friday, March 9, 2018


So, he really chooses this path hah, he is really going to divorce his first wife.

I know that I don't have the full story and I shouldn't judge but let's focus on what we know for now. He is divorcing his first wife because of "tiada hati untuk meneruskan hidup bersama".

Personally, I think this is wrong and here is why:

Marriage is not a touch-n-go thing. or something you can cuba cubaSuka kahwin, tak suka tinggal. Once you're in, you're in for life. It's a promise that you make to each other, you promise to commit to the relationship, that no matter what happen, what challenges come your way, you'll try to solve it together. Breaking up, should not be an option. Unless if you have abusive or cheating partner....well, actually for me, I may be able to tolerate cheating, may being the key word here (May or may not change my mind) provided that it only happen once, once as in seriously once, not once as in do it again and again and again but only got caught once; and most importantly, he should be able to justify why he do what he had done and I should be able to understand, I say understand, not condone. (Had to put in disclaimer in case future husband read this and decided to cheat).

I don't wish my husband to cheat (nauzubillah mintak dijauhkan), however, like I said, marriage is a sacred thing. To divorce, I think, we have to consider other options first, do that, try everything, and if nothing works, I guess, divorce could be the solution.

I don't know...Maybe I am the conservative type. That's why I struggle to understand reasons like "tiada hati" or "tiada sefahaman". Yes, sometimes, people fall out of love. Marriage is an eternity thing and eternity is a long long long period of time, couple get used to each other, they started taking each other for granted, in the end they lose interest in the relationship.

However, Like Pink said, "we're not broken just bent and we can learn to love again".

Do you know who breakup over "tiada hati"?

Boyfriend and girlfriend! Not husband and wife.

Then again, what do I know. It's not like I've been married. However, doesn't the increase in our country divorce rate scare you?


Sunday, March 4, 2018



my two very annoying brothers, Faiz and Farid.

Among countless time that I miss Abah for is when it's time to send my car for service. Abah had always been the one to help me with that and now that he's gone, I force my brothers to help me, and, like other normal annoying swindler siblings, it's not for free. It's not like I can't do it myself, I can if I really have to; but I am just not comfortable with the whole setting of a workshop. It's full of men! The only female employee you can find there is the receptionist but sometimes, this too, is a man and I am just awkward with men, in general. So back to the story, I have to pay upah to my brothers and it's not the cikai cikai 5 or 10 ringgit you give kids. I have to pay them befitting with their status as a grown adult. pffftttt what's that. Last time they asked for jacket and gaming monitor -____________- don't know what they'll ask in the future.


The other day, since they're going to be out anyway to pick up their customised gaming pc, I asked them to buy a wireless mouse too. This time no upah phewhh. Faiz handed it to me, "Nah. 70 ringgit tau," I okayed it. While I was unboxing my mouse, Farid came over and said, "ha akak punya mouse 30 ringgit tau," wait what? what with the 70 ringgit just now? Then Farid grinned and said, "walaupun sebenarnya free tapi akak kene bayar 30 ringgit," Faiz yelled at Farid for telling me that it's free -_______- I mean, guys, if you were going to be a swindler duo, at least coordinate your story.


Farid wanted a motivation to gain a six pack so he's been bugging me to make a deal with him. In three months, if he still does not have a six pack, he'll pay me a thousand but if he does, I were to pay him thousand. -_______- What kind of a bet is this? I have nothing to gain. He kept saying "akak tak nak duit free ke?," He thinks very little of me. How stupid he thinks I am to agree with that?


Another stupid thing he does, he has been shoving his laptop to me showing an 800 ringgit adidas jacket asking me to buy it for him. He say it's an investment. By buying it for him, I am actually investing in a timeless piece that he can sell later. -______________________________________-

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