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First thing first, Fazrena from Tudung People found my shawl review! #madeitinlife #priorities . Want to know something fascinating? That evening, before I leave from work, I have this urge to update my shawl review on Muna being not ironless after I live with it for nearly a year.....and, that night, like literally one hour before she DMed me, I was changing this blog layout to make it prettier! Who knows it was all for this moment! Coincidence pelik apakah ini? (Do you still doubt God's plan?)

I DMed her in March to wish Happy International Women's Day and here we are, several months later :)

The screenshot she took here is of the new layout 💓

After that exposure, some of other underground bloggers followed me on instagram. I use underground as they are not the typical famous IT girl....definitely not fashion bloggers. These are the ones that not many people know of but they're still here, in the cyber world, visible to people who care. They own a blog for the love of writing, documenting and sharing stuff in their daily life....just like me.

I do what I normally do when I find new bloggers. I stalked them like crazy. -___________- Why am I so busybody about other people's life is still a mystery. 

The whole experience is an eye opener. There are a lot of good writers out there! Like the bombastic words they use, if they decide to write a book, I would be the one on the first row queuing for the book. TBH, all this while, I was a bit syok sendiri. Because I have no one else to compare too, I thought that my writing skill is good enough. But after my recent stalking activities, well, my writing, hmmmmmmm.......let's just say, there are a lot of people who writes like Raja Sarina. If you know her, you know what I mean, if you don't, check her out guys. That is where I aspire to be as a blogger.

I have been too comfortable with almost everything in my life, It's been a while since I do something new, I guess, this is God's way to tell me to keep improving, to keep learning. #challengeaccepted


Btw, something even more fascinating I discovered is that almost all these writers are INFJ! Say what?! We should really organise a gathering or something! eh wait, will this be the most awkward gathering ever? Who's going to talk? We all will be sitting at one corner, nervously trying to make conversation. I bet we could set a record of the shortest gathering ever everyone will be gone in a minute.


Sunday, October 21, 2018


I think this topic deserve a blogpost of its on. At the moment, I am very content with my life. I know I mentioned about contentment before, but this time, it's a new level of contentment, like I am really okay with everything, the good and the bad, I am not bitter about anything or more specifically, anyone.

I just love my life. :P which to my friends, I am talking shit. There is no way anyone can be this content about their life, according to them, I must have something I don't really like about. They drilled me with questions like "don't you think you need to lose weight?", "do you really like your job?", "don't you want to do this and that?", "how about that guy that broke your heart don't you want him to suffer?"

I don't care. haha.

This is going to sound narcissistic but "yes I have a lot of fat but I am hot (according to my standard) aren't I? I have all the right curves at the right places I don't really feel that I need to be thinner. Healthier yes, but definitely not thinner," and never thought this day would come but "I kinda like my job nowadays. At the moment, I don't really care about promotion or a raise (say what?!)," and "yes I would love to do a lot more stuff in the future but I am okay with my present too," and well about that geli geli thing, "when things wasn't supposed to be, it is not going to work. There is nothing wrong about me, I am a pretty good catch (again, according to my standard hahahaha) and no, he's not blind or "missing out" for not seeing my true worth (lol), it's the classic "everyone wants different things in life" thingy,".

Sorry that my contentment equals narcissism but at the moment, nothing can bring me down. #majorselflove :P

If you ask me how does this happen, I have no idea. haha. I don't do much actually. I just become more self-aware. Decluttering my life helps too. I declutter everything. Cloths, books, random things, my mind and even people. I try to break down everything into my "keep" or "throw" list. Everything that I like, everything that makes me feel good and happy, I keep, everything that doesn't fit anywhere, I throw

That, and maybe, I have mastered the art of not giving a fuck (yes, direct reference to the book itself).

This just feels so good. If you are not here yet, I sincerely pray that God allows you to be here, someday. Pray a lot guys, especially now that it's been raining almost everyday. :P


Saturday, October 20, 2018


For the longest time, my family has been my movie buddies. Ever since they move back to Rawang 4 years ago, I almost never watch a movie without them, well, except that one time for AADC2 and oh, Infinitiy War, that's all. So when I betray them this time with Ayu, I paid the price the next day. I watched Paskal, two days in a row! Well, that's a lot for someone who's a bit judgy when it comes to any Malay movie.

Thank God it's Paskal though. I love the movie. I give it 7/10. I would give this credit entirely to the shots, the camera work, the cinemagraphy (is this a word), basically the whole video work (again, is this a word)? For me, every single scene was so beautifully shot I sometime forget that I am watching a Malay movie. That opening scene, that parachute drop with the clouds as background, that fighting scene, awesome.

As for other stuff, writing, needs a lot of improvement, especially on the characters backstory and development and acting, errmm, still feels like a high school play, but thank God it's an action movie, not much acting needed, stylist, good job on the whole team uniform but what a bad choice for Arman's mother, like kenape awal2 so traditional looking with traditional malay kurung and anak tudung but towards the end no more anak tudung and what with the pants? No complain about pants but it distort the whole identity, if it's going to be a modern makcik then be consistent from the beginning.

Having said all that, I would still love to compliment the whole team for a job well done. For me, this is a really good movie and this movie set the bar quite high for other future movies....if, Malay movies will only improve from here now on, I would love to support Malay movies once again. 

P/S: This movie makes me greedy like "kalaulah Abah ada mesti die suka tengok movie ni," then I snapped back, Astaghfirullahalazim. He's in a much better place now he ain't got no time to care about Paskal.


Friday, October 19, 2018


Today, before we leave, me and Erlia stopped by Wei Ying's place just to quickly catch up with when I say quick, I don't expect that it's going to be one full hour! haha. She has a lot to say. Work and people have been stressing her out, she's not even smiling anymore! Now, let me tell you something about Wei Ying...she's the type who laughs hysterically as soon as she wakes up, she eats banana to keep herself happy and she is always smiling, regardless of situation. So when someone like that say that she can't even smile anymore, that's alarming.

So we talked, laughed, and talked some more at the end of the conversation, she thank us and she was like, "thank you ah. After talking about it I feel better, I am not angry anymore,". Of course, I scolded her for not coming to me, I have the best workstation on the floor for a reason. It's the best spot to gossip (and badmouth others)! 

Btw, I feel bad. Ever since we change team, I haven't been paying much attention to my old juniors. They are struggling and I know nothing about it. :'( I remember the other day Del was telling how kesian she felt towards Julius and Nana. She stopped by their place on her way to our boss's room and Nana and Julius face lights up like Del was their savior or something. That's sad.


I know that everyone cope with stress differently, but I think, for most people, talking helps, so talk and laugh it all out. Not to everyone though...because some negative people might stress you even more, choose who makes you happy, might need a little bit try and error there but you'll find someone. I told Wei Ying even I need weekly dosage of Nanda (my previous previous lead) to stay sane! Find you support system, don't keep everything to yourself. Talk. Let it all out.

Let it out

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Today, when we reached home after our morning walk, we were surprised to see Faiz still at home. It was already 8 in the morning!

Emak: Eh, tak pergi kerje lagi. Tertidur ke?
Faiz: hmmmmm
Emak: Tertidur eh?
Faiz: M a l a s.....

Now, as a good sister with at least 5 years of working experience, this is where I should go in with my wise advice.

So I put on my wise face, pat him on the back,

Me: Tu la hari tu tak sabar sangat nak kerje (He got a job right after he finished his semester). Akak dengan Farid dah cakap kan rehat lama sikit. Sekarang, sorry, no choice. Kene kerje seumur hidup. selama lama lamanya.....


Toughen up Bro. You still have a looooooooooooooonnnnnnggggg way to go before retirement.

Do we really need this job?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Today (28/09/18) is Daniel's last day.............and I am feeling shitty right now. I have this special place in my heart for my original INM team. As mentioned earlier, early 2015, almost all the seniors left the team, leaving us, the new joiners of early 2015 as instant seniors of the team. New joiners, no seniors, we bonded over our hardship to learn and adapt to this new company. We were around the same age, from the same nationality, and most of us were still single at the time, we were super close to each others. This are the people that have seen me grow, I've seen them grow, we were together through each milestones.

Then, restructuring happen in October 2017. The company decided to split us. Some stays in the same role, some move on to a new role, some were terminated and some resigned to look for better opportunities. One by one, I started to lose this friends. I lose half of them last year....and now, I am losing Daniel too. This is sad. :'(

Embarrassing photo of Daniel for memory :P


Tuesday, October 2, 2018