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Monday, November 5, 2012

Assalamualaikum. :)

say what? all the big bosses were here!

I was starstruck! all the big big people were here, here in Sunway!

It was supposed to be a formal and boring forum about 'Realising Your Potential' but Raja Azura, Peneraju's CEO was sooo comel and lawak making it as informal as possible.

I'm honored actually. to have all the big bosses came down, mencemar duli, meet us, and share their precious experiences. seriously, all of them are all very very very busy people, even the Peneraju and Sunway people got nervous upon meeting them, and yet, they're willing to scarifies their valuable friday morning with us. Thank you. <3

among the things that I got from them,

'non of us have ever dream of being managing partner or executive chairman'
live in the moment. Don't worry too much about your future. Yes, you should plan you future, but don't stress too much about it. Focus on what you have now, do your best and the best will come to you.
'nasi sudah jadi bubur'
this was actually answered by Dato' Gan. yes. nasi dah jadi bubur. We're already in this program. Nak tak nak memang kene kerja pun dengan Big 5 yang ada extreme working environment ni. nasi sudah jadi bubur. what's left for us to do is to turn the negativity to positivity. Yes, for other people it's tough, but what about you? have you gone through it? no. asyik dengar cakap-cakap orang je. Yes, it's tough, but how do you know whether you can survive it or not if you don't even try kan?

and most important lesson of all, is to
'Finish what you started'
thank you. for all these inspiring words.

moving to the non serious part, have you seen all the BIG 5 logos?

lawak ngokngek Amir,
kalau firm ni semua orang, yang mana tengah online?

dapat jawab tak?

jawapannya Deloitte.why? sebab dekat sebelah die ada online indicator. (green circle)


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