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Broken Friendship

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Assalamualaikum. :)

It was a typical morning. She waited for the train, sleepily.

The train door opened. As she rushed in, she saw him. HIM. Her ex best friend. Ex. Because something happen. Something, that turned friend into stranger.

She recognises him. He recognises her. She wanted to say Hi but she hesitated. If she said hi, and the man ignores her, this would be her 2nd time being ignored. She still remembers the feeling. It hurts. 

She decided not to.

And there they were, standing, awkwardly.

 Is it worth it? Is it worth it to destroy a friendship over stupid mistake? Is it?


  1. Well dear, the ignoring part from a guy is called "ego". Hahaha.

    Ni novel ke betol ni? Kalu btol, sepatutnya tegur je, buat xtahu..uhu..sometimes guys are stupid when it comes to their egos. Next time, tegur, kalu xda respond then next time tegur lagi. Haha. Lastly ko yg menang sb beranikan diri. Amacam, ada bran? :)

    1. ni cerita betul tapi bukan cerita aku. nanti aku sampaikan nasihat kau kat die. :))