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Are you going to measure your value only as somebody's lover?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


" important. but are you going to measure your value only as somebody's lover? If it is really your fate, it can't be avoided. So stop caring about me and focus on yourself."
Choi Yoon, A Gentleman's Dignity 

Hi guys. How’s your weekend?

I have a super productive weekend. I finished watching A Gentleman’s Dignity (20 episodes!) in 2 days!!! Impressive right? (this girl has no life *shake head*)

Recently I've been watching old Korean dramas that were release either when I was busy with study or work. oh who am I kidding? it was during my let's-watch-all-korean-variety-show period or my USA-TV-Series-are-the-best period. -.-‘. So, during both time,

‘Korean Drama?? Pass.’ 

Being an obsess fangirl, I have always hate over-excessive-fan-girling-of-a-late-fan.

‘Have you watched oh-my-school? OMG Hongki is sooo cute!’ 

Like come on girls, tu cerita lapuk already laaaa. Why so 2000 and late. But now, here I am.  -.-'


Back to A Gentleman’s Dignity, I lourrrrvvvveeeeee the drama soooo soooo soooo much!! I love everything about this drama. Well, not everything. If Se Ra wasn't that bitchy and Yi Soo wasn't that blur, the drama would have been perfect. But then, with all the bromances, who cares. <33333

OMG you guys, stop making people blush! (by 'you guys' I was referring only to Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong. Sorry Soo Ro, I like you only as childish ahjussi from FO, and sorry Jong Hyuk, you're Junsu Appa to me. :))

Everything about this drama is so real. Nobody is either too rich or too poor. Yes, Do Jin maybe rich but then he started everything from bottom. He built everything from scratch and had failed 3 times before he reaches his current position. And Yi Soo is not the typical poor pathetic girl like all Korean dramas. She even owns a car which is very very rare in Korean Drama.

This drama reminds me why I like Shinhwa in the first place. Bromance! :)


totally unrelated.

I have decided to start taking my business seriously. Rather than a hobby, I hope it will be something that I'll do full time in future. Wish me luck guys. :D

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