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Scary people........exist!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hi. :)

Last week, after I parked my car, 20 steps from our Condo gate, someone stop his car beside me and asked,

'Awak! awak!'

I turned to look. Normally I don't. Normally I akan pekakkan je telinga and assume he was calling other 'awak'.

but that day, dammit I turned.

'kenapa parking dekat luar? kenapa tak parking dekat dalam?'
cos I don't have parking space la dude or else why would I park outside. 'oh, saya tak ada parking dekat dalam'
'awak nak parking? saya ada parking.'
'ye ke? nak! saya memang dah lama nak cari parking'
'oh elok sangat la tu. saya bukan apa. dekat sini kawasan bahaya, banyak kes. lagi-lagi awak perempuan. Meh la naik kereta. kite borak2. saya hantar awak masuk dalam.'
(remember I say I was like 20 steps away from the gate? why he wanted to send me in? if I go in inside his car pun, tak sampai lima saat dh sampai -.-')

'errr tak pe lah'
'alaaah awak ni, mai la. saya duduk dekat dalam jugak'

and he spent the next 2 minutes persuading me and I spent the whole time rejecting it. I should have walked away. but walking away in the middle of a conversation would be rude. and I am not rude. I am just plain stupid.  


maybe his intention was good. He wants to keep me safe. maybe. but moms don't warn their kids to keep themselves away from strangers for no reason. Sure there are good people. but there are also bad people. better safe than sorry.

'Never accept candies from strangers'

or in my case, car ride. 

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