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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Assalamualaikum. :)

" A population that believes that no experience is worth having unless it's been uploaded and received a fair share of hits. "
Sherlock Holmes, Elementary Season 2.

Sometimes I wonder, what it was like before internet? before all these gadget?

I watched The Human Condition's first episode where all the casts are prohibited to use any electronic devices including TV for about a week or two.

It droves them craaaaaazzzzyyyyyy! we're speaking about major crazy.

because apparently, our life nowadays revolve around electronic devices. nobody can live without internet. including me. I don't know about you, but my normal routine, after waking up and before sleep is to browse instagram. It's unhealty, trust me I know but it has become a habit.

now, everything is within reach. you can share almost everything thru internet. I do. here. I share my personal life and my limited thoughts here.

I never thought that it is dangerous until I saw a facebook page created to feed those ugly people with ugly mind. They uploaded a bunch of photos of random people, without the owner's consent, and posted ugly (yekkk) captions and comments. It's disgusting. how people can twist a perfectly normal pictures into something so geli.

I pity the victims. Some of them had even begged the page owner to delete their photos. but nobody listen.

it's a dangerous world we're living in, guys. be careful.

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