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As simple as it may sound, the words 'thank you' go a very long way

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Few days ago, I had a day which I considered as a bad day. When I reached home, I was getting all heated up ready to rap my bad day to Ayu when I realise, I don't have much to tell. Yes, I had ONE bad moment. but only ONE! why did I concluded I had a bad day just because I had ONE bad moment? why? why did I let that one thing brought me down. I should be more like Barney. his I can turn this aroud.

So thanks to Ayu's scarcastic respond, 'tu je ke?' I promise myself not to declare a bad day from just one bad moment. Don't whine and try to turn it around. Unless if I have more than 3 bad things happening in my life in one single day, yes, complain all you can. pour your heart out. eat an ice cream. go. 

other than that, just play on. 


can I declare today as my bad day? I was scolded today. I have never been scolded before!(bcos of work) can I declare it based on a NEW bad moment? can ah can ah? pleasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ah who cares. *open chocolate ice cream tub*

It is serious guys. I even did everything as per 'Bad Day'. I did sang a sad song just to turn it around and I did questioned where is the passion when I need it the most? and heck I even kicked a leaf!

I remember reading Vivy's bad day post. She was exhausted that day but one simple phrase from Dean got her all powered up. It was I'm lucky I have you. and for me today, a simple thank you would suffice. T.T


it's amazing how Ayu's boss will always tell her staffs thank you for your help today, everyday! So much love and respect for her. she inspires me, a lot.

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