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Will I be able to love again?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things I learn from Jang Mi:

1. Honesty is always the best policies.
Fake marriage aside, Jangmi always tells the truth. Even if she’ll be scolded for it and humiliated by it. It’s best to just speak your mind and let everyone knows what you feel. Because if you don’t, the one who’s suffering is you. And you might just end up like Gi Tae’s mum. The one who shows perfect everything upfront and swept all the ugly things under the rug.

2. If it hurts, let it be.
Feel it, remember how it feels and move on. Cry it all out. Time will heal almost everything.

3. The best way to pissed off a person with OCD is to do exactly what they don’t want you to do!
I would totally leave my fingerprints all over nemo's fish tank too!

Things I learn from Gi Tae: 

1. When you’re sorry, say it. 
If I remember correctly, he is the only one among countless K-dramas that I had watched, who admits he’s wrong, every single time. Yes he has ego and pride and all, but whenever he’s with Jangmi, he’s willing to say bianne, chongmal bianne, which is a bonus for a man!

Things I learn from Se Ah: 

1. Staying by your ex’s side, hoping he’ll want you back is so so so wrong! 
You end up hurting yourself more. Move on please.

2. Wanting his sperm is also wrong!!!

Things I learn from Yeu Reum: 

1. You can get away with anything with a smile. :) 
Oh the eye smile!


Overall: I love everything about the drama. Though I say this for all rom com, this one in particular has climb up the ladder to be in my top 5 favourite rom com of all time, alongside My Girl! I think TVN did a good job in taking normal actress/actor to become lead and then boom, they shine. See what they did to all Reply casts. And who would have thought that Airhead Seunhwa can act! And do it perfectly well too! Goodbye all. I wish you well for your future dramas. :’)

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