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Thursday, September 4, 2014


An 18 year old girl, gave birth to a boy. Nobody knew she was pregnant. Imagine the shock that her parents must have felt when they found the baby on their bathroom floor.

Nauzubillah. May Allah forgive us all.

‘Ya Allah, protect me, my family members and everyone reading this post from doing things that you forbid and from humiliating our family. Protect us all Ya Allah,’


It’s hard to raise children. It’s full of trials and errors. Nobody knows for sure, whether they had done a good job or not. You have done your best. You raised them in the best possible ways you know of.

In the end, it’s up to them, the children, to figure up their ways. Some end up good, some makes mistakes. I hope parents won’t beat themselves too hard when their child chooses the wrong path.

Because really, it isn't your fault.


For raising me the way you raise me, for making me the me I am now, Thank you Emak Abah.

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