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Each. A. Cup.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Assalamualaikum. :)

When we were in South Korea, we didn't eat much. not that we don't like the taste of korean cuisine, we eat dubu-dubu kot dekat Malaysia! It's because it's so hard to find halal food and if we did find one, it will cost around 40,000won (RM120++) per serving. nangis -.-'

So we went to cafes. a lot. not that it's cheap, everything is still overpriced but at least we don't have to spend as much.

fast forward to now, in Malaysia, my tekak still demands more and more and more of those chocolate frost drinks! (chocolate cause I don't drink coffee) When there is A LOT of other CHEAPER alternative, I still want posh chocolate drinks! T.T

guys help me. how to stop all these craving? :'(


One day after lunch, my colleague, Ida told me she wanted to go buy Cekak but then suddenly she stops at a drinks outlet. I was like okay, maybe she wanted to buy a drink first. As I waited for her, I carefully read the sign. Each a Cup. It's Each a Cup not Cekak!! talk about hearing problem T.T

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