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Awkward moment

Monday, April 27, 2015



Over the past few years, my movie partners are either Ayu or Ain or Nana. With them, obviously, there is no need to observe the age restriction. 

So when a ticket girl asked for our ID for 18SG film, I looked around,

oh...... I'm with Faiz and Dik Yah. Dik Yah freak out a little because month-wise, she's not 18 yet.

'ok Dik Yah, bye! Faiz ngn akak tgk movie jap. pandai2 lah jalan sendiri,'

so I took out my ID and showed it to the ticket girl.

'eh akak tunggu tepi ye' 

and she extended her hand to Dik Yah's ID. Truth is, she ONLY wanted to see Dik Yah's ID.

krik krik

krik krik

krik krik

oh ticket lady, you broke my heart! you yourself are no longer a girl too! I was just being polite you know. :'(

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