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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Soooo........ I hardly talk about politics in this blog. More like never.

the reason is quite simple, I don't know much about the topic. yup. Sad isn't it.If I were born in US, I would have join Elle Woods' sorority house and worry only about nail, hair, body figure and latest fashion trend. and when people ask me about people in politic I'll be like 'who is he? Is he a singer?'


but with all rather loud coverage on politic recently, even someone ignorant like me couldn't hide from it. it's everywhere. Twitter, facebook, instagram.

My take on it,

Malaysian are not as dumb as what some of our leaders think. We no longer accept things just the way they are and we are no longer loyal to one political party. We observe the members. We respect the member, the person, not the party as whole. With everything that has been going around lately, I've seen someone who backed Goverment but now condemning them and I have friends who had been always pro-opposition but now disagree with statements and decisions made by the political members.

I think it's a good thing cause now, we think. I'm happy for us, really. At least now, we do our research and state our ground. We no longer 'bertuhankan tuah' as per Matlutfi.

I am late but at least I started. where are you now Malaysian?

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