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Sunday, May 17, 2015


2015 25 2015 25.

No matter how we avoid it, topics about age, man and marriage always come out every time we hang out together. I guess, it's a common problem to all of us.

25 and single.

Who would believe that? At this age, almost everyone is either married or engaged or at least in a steady relationship. Our mothers, with the nagging and pushing, fuuuuuuhhhhhhh. Say what now? 

'Kawan belajar tak de ke? Kawan kerja takde ke?'

errrrrrr......bukan dulu kata kecik-kecik jangan nak gedik sangat ke? hehe.

and that is not even the scariest part of them all. not the nagging.

Now, the scariest thing is,

we all feel like we're too comfortable alone, as a single woman.

Before it was like,

I am not looking or anything but if it happens, I'm ok


Munching biscuits on bed wearing the comfiest pajama ever while watching Angry Mom and ohhhhh thank God we're single. 


we always joke that we ruin each others life. If we were not friends, if we had choose different people to hang out with, would our life be different?

Maybe. or maybe not. 

The thing is, our personality (geli with lovey dovey couply stuff) was already there even before we met each other. Coincidentally, we found each other. Since there was never a need to include man in our life, we never did. We stay just the way we are. We thought it's a good thing.

until recently, it becomes scary because we realise, nobody include marriage in any of their future plan. 

Ayu wears braces which is an indication that she's not thinking of marriage for at least the next 2 years. I'm thinking of wearing one at the end of this year so there goes my 3 years plan. Pikah and Ain just stay the way there are, no effort whatsoever.

At the moment, it remains a problem that none of us bother to solve. Sorry mak!

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