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Sayangkan anak tangan tangankan

Sunday, May 24, 2015


"When adults don't act like adults, children see it right away"
Kangja - 2015, Angry Mom


What's your take on Sayangkan anak tangan-tangankan? is it ok? 

Personally, I think it's not. By doing so, instead of inducing respect, they'll fear you. 

Fear might fix the problem.........temporarily. Your child might behave around you or even treat you nicely. but what happen when they grew up? When they start become stronger and no longer dependent on you, do you think they'll still fear you?

A lot of adults realise this too late. A lot of us try to fix things when we're a little older and that child is all grown up. but guess what? it's too late. by now, the child, is no longer the forgiving child that adores and love you unconditionally. That child is not the child that fears you. Worst, he/she might not even love you anymore.

Unlike what shown in dramas, it's actually a mistake that's almost impossible to correct.

Sad right?

During this time, we wished we had done things differently. We wish we could turn back time. If only our child respect and love us, our would would not be as lonely now.



Will I let this happen to me?

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