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Sunday, June 7, 2015


Have you watch We like 2 party?

I love it a lot. Yes, the song is not BB's biggest release (they had better), but the video clip is among my favourite of all time. 

I can't help but agree with this one comment from youtube.

"The guys I see in this MV is not GD, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri. They are Kwon Jiyoung, Choi Seunghyun, Dong Yongbae, Kang Daesung and Lee Seunghyun."

so on point. for the first time ever, they are actually human in their MV. They're showing who they really are, which is the best version of themselves that I love.

Cheapest MV ever but the best so far.

P/S: people who don't know K-POP and BB might not understand what's the fuss but oh well, I am a proud V.I.P. and I want to brag about it. :D


If you realise, I write a lot of k-pop stuff lately. It's because I finally comes to term with it. I am no longer ashamed by it (yeah used too) and I no longer need saving from it. hehe. this is actually a joke between me and Ayu where if possible, we want to find someone who is pure from K-related stuff and have him save us from this K-world.

but I think now, at least for me, it's a little too late for that. Just see my Ipod, 80% of the songs are Korean songs. still think I can be save?

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