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Expensive heart

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Recently, someone praise me with,

"You have a heart of gold"

I have a panic attack! How where when why what did she saw/hear to make her say such words?? Wait wait, is anyone around? *hurriedly scan the room for people I know*. Ok, no one is here, phewwwhhh. I bet my family and friends will roll their eyes if they had heard this. Worst, I think they will list down all the bad things I did and told that person that the compliment is too BIG for me. -.-

Babes, please stop. I can feel your disagreement all the way from Negeri Sembilan (the farthest girlfriend) you know!

I was flattered. Grateful even. but I know I don't deserve this. Thru this experience, I realise that we definitely can't judge people after only 2 hours of knowing them. First impression is often far off than how that person really is. How often had you have a really bad impression on someone but once you get to know them they really are not as bad as what you think they are?

In my case, I guess I give a good impression and I think the way I look has something to do with it. According to a lot of people, I have an innocent face. You know, muka budak baik. puhaaaa. Once, I had a friend that's very direct, he told me straight away that my face is very misleading. He say I give out the perempuan melayu terakhir vibe but once he knows me, puffffff.


I wonder if that stranger just now spend like a month with me, would she even consider I have a heart? :?

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