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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Don't you think?

When I was watching "I Hear Your Voice" and "School 2015", I couldn't really get what's the big deal about admitting you're wrong. I am more to "as long as everyone else know you're wrong I am ok. Why should I care about what you think?" until recently. I met a really tough women who's too arrogant to even admit that she's wrong! Even when everyone point out that she's wrong, she will twist it saying that because something else was like this, she did it like this, so it was not entirely her fault.

 I used to think that if I admit my mistake, people would start pointing their fingers at me. They will get angry at me and blame me for all the wrong thing that's coming our way. 

Now I realise it's not always the case. Yes people want to know who make the mistakes and where was wrong but no, it's not to blame you. They want to solve the problem together by finding the root cause. People really are not that judging you know. Sure some will still blame you but that one is the minority. The negative minded people. Why are you friends with this kind of people?

and you yourself will be as negative as them if you don't admit your mistake. Do you want to live like Do Yeon father (the judge not the prisoner)? Don't know how he live? Why haven't you watch "I Hear Your Voice"? hehe.

Anyway, admit that you're wrong, say sorry. Accept the responsibility that comes with it.You'll feel good, trust me. I make a lot of mistake than average human do. :)

Bimbo note: While I'm writing this, "Doctor Stranger"(which I haven't watch and I don't know why?) is playing on One. Hae Jin is in the drama! Wow this guy is really hot these days. Good for him though. I don't like him before cause he's not that funny in "Family Outing" but "Bad Guy" changes everything. I am now a fan.


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