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A day trip to Cameron Highland (Percutian sehari ke Cameron Highland) Part I: Taman Agroteknologi MARDI

Sunday, October 4, 2015



While I was cleaning my phone, I found a lot of random pictures that I took for "blogging" purposes which well, die before it even see daylight. Now, since I am trying to be consistent with my writing, I think I'll save some of the stories for later.

Today, let's save the story about our Cameron Trip =)


Opocot mak!

We went there in May 2015. Yup, a day after I had to work on Labour Day.....bbrrrrrr.... but initially, we had planned to go a week before to avoid joining the pack of people going on holidays on long weekend but then Dik Yah and I caught a flu, Farid couldn't join.... so we postponed it. To be honest, a lot of thing could go wrong if we had went ahead with out plan but we did not. That's why Allah's plan is always the best. HE knows a lot more about ourselves than we ourselves do. The only downside of our new plan is Abah couldn't join.

To tell you the truth, this is my first trip to Cameron (the first one is when I was a baby so doesn't count), so I am a bit jakun. hehe. I expected it to be super cold so I even brought along a sweater in case it was too cold for my just-only-healed-from-flu body but meeehh, didn't use it at all. I guess this is what a lot of people have been saying on how the new Cameron is not the old cold Cameron. Poor environment have to suffer because of us, human T-T

Farid was still doing his practical training at that time which is why when Emak suggested the trip he's a bit reluctant cause apparently for him, he's the ONLY one tired from working everyday. LOL speaking of first job experience. Throughout the whole drive up, his comments was "Boleh tak holiday dalam kereta je? Lalu lalu dekat tepi tangkap gambar dari dalam kereta je dah la," -_______-

But when we arrive, his first word was "eh, ambikkan gambar macam tangan nak kena makan,"

then he blame my photography skill because I fail at making it look "real" when the only thing missing in this photo is his acting skill. grr

Our timing was a bit off at that time because I think they had just harvest all the plants and are still in the process of planting new ones so a bit sad to see all the plants were either baby plant or bald plant. However, I guess they still keep some fresh strawberries somewhere inside cause they still manage to open the strawberry stall at the strawberry trees area.

Strawberry coated with chocolate. What comes to mind when you see this? For me, it will always be Fazly and Siti Nurhaliza. haha.

When there is a wall, there is OOTD session though the sun was actually right in front of us. T-T

What I really love about holidays are everyone is definitely in a good mood. It's extremely rare to be moody when you're on a holiday. Nobody have the heart to be moody on a trip even if we are annoyed of something (hot weather, crowded places etc). 

Even this family is all smile and happy. =))

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