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I love you should come from heart, not head

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


In my circle of friends, I am usually the #throwback one. It's my thing. I am the one who always flooded whatsapps group with pictures of our younger self to remind them once in a while, we were once that dork. haha.

So to have Ayu do it today is quite shocking. More shocking that I don't even have the videos she shared!! 

When I downloaded the videos, I was like "OMG apa yang kite cuba buktikan ni???". None of us remember what we were doing and why we recorded it but that's the beauty about being young and carefree,

things don't necessarily have to make sense

We do what we feel like doing. No calculation needed. Speaking of calculation, recently I watched I Need Romance 3. Shing Shing and Joo Wan are both different people with different views on life but suprisingly, I agree with both of their views. Sometimes I have to pause certain scene just to digest what they're saying and because I agree with a lot of Shing Shing's point, I started to wonder, did I grew up wrongly?

Shing Shing

Everyone else is a stranger, except myself
Will someone come to help me if I'm drowning in my emotions? No, because I'm the one who's living my life. Except for me, everyone is a stranger.

Reality's main character
Some fairy tales end here. Saying that there will only be happiness in these two couples' future, the end. We call that a Happy Ending..but in reality..that just a mere single moment in a never ending story. We have to live out the remaining part of that story, under what we call, "life". Not as a fairy tale's main character, but as reality's main character.

After receiving a confession without flower or ring or even "I love you"
"Because there's no flowers and no ring, I like this confession. Even when there's no words like "I love you", those words are enough, saying that he'll try, saying that he'll do his best for me. Anyway as time goes by, the first flutters will disappear. The promise of trying was much better than saying he loves me. That is why I have faith in this relationship."

Joo Wan

It's ok to cry and drown in emotions. While you struggle not to drown, you'll see the bottom and at the bottom you'll find the truth.

adults doing "rational decision"
"Ah work work work! People who gather for work don't have hearts? Do they leave them at home?! Also, why are you saying that you're not hurt when indeed you are?Is it cool to act like everything's okay?

I love you.
Joo Wan always says it whenever he has the chance. His reason "Since I don't make calculation"

Without you I die
"There is no such kind of love that would kill you if you didn't have it. However, believing that such love exists, and accepting and giving up; believing that such love doesn't exist, is a whole different matter. Because sometimes, what you believe in may come true"


Se Ryeong

In my twenties, when I packed up my suitcase and left, I thought that another life was waiting for me. but after I hit my thirties, I realised it's not like that. Even if I run away a thousand times to a far place, the same life is waiting for me there. It's the same with men. Instead of dating around with this guy, that guy, with the person that I thought was the right one, I wanted to go to the end. Even if we fight all the time to the point of making us sick, I want to grow old withstanding all that. Without having false hopes that there is another love somewhere.


This is fun! I love quotes! Might do this often from now on. hehe.

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