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Friday, October 23, 2015


One morning, I walked into the kitchen to a confused mum. She was thinking what to make for breakfast. Then I asked her did we have any leftover rice from yesterday and she happily replied with a big "Yes! Masakkan nasi goreng *nama manja*" 

errr errr errr I did not think this through! I was just going to take water and quietly leave. Why did I bother asking if we have leftover rice???? but errmmm I am a bit hungry and it's not like Emak was asking for extravagant fried rice they make in hotels. I can just cook Nasi goreng kampung je.


I cooked breakfast that day.

After breakfast, I played with my phone in the living room. Then, my mum came to the room armed with a towel. She wiped everything then she turned to me and Dik Yah,

"tolong vacuum"
I replied "Dik Yah!"
Dik Yah replied "Farid!"
"Siapa siapa je janji vacuum" Said Emak while feigning ignorance to our pouting faces.

I was sweating. It's going to be me it's going to be me right??!! You don't understand the seriousness of this I bet. Let me break it to you. Vacuuming the house is Farid's thing it's his job...but that day, he stayed up all night so naturally, he's unavailable in the morning. Dik Yah pulak, hmmmm let's just say cleaning is never her thing!

"tapi tapi hari ni kan dah masak Nasi Goreng," I protested silently. To me, at that time, this is unfair. I did one chores already why did I need to do another?! Others should do it.

Then I felt like something slapped me in the face.

If I think that's unfair, then lets ask Emak to stop doing house chores. She gave birth to all of us remember? That's like the biggest favour anyone could do for anyone! Moksha type of deed! but did she complain about the unfair treatment? No! Then who am I to complain about it with my Nasi goreng kampung that honestly need more salt?!

So ermmm.

"Emaaaakkk mana vacuum?"

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