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Precious possession

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Faiz was on cleaning mode the other day he threw away everything that he thinks off no use and importance but the thing is, originally, he shared the room with Farid. So when Farid got home, oo o Faiz threw away his stuff too! Important stuff some more! *I soo need a popcorn for this :P *

Well, to Faiz defense, I would have thrown the thing too. I'd seen the thing before. It's an ugly piece of wrapping paper that he stick to the side of an old stereo they have. I thought it was there because it's convenient! I thought he was unwrapping a gift but he's too lazy to walk to the trash can so he stick it there. Though if this is the case, I should have start questioning his laziness because it was there for yearssss!

Apparently, it's important. It has value to Farid. Do you know he wanted to frame that thing? Yes he is! He wanted to frame it when he makes his own money later! I did not see this coming. He looked for it for days. He even makes Faiz go through the trash can you know!

At first, I thought he was overreacting. I mean what's done is done right? It's impossible to undo things that can't be undone. Accept je la bro. Then I started to wonder, if I was in his shoes, what would I have done?


I lost my earring that I worn since I was 7 days old!! Similar to Farid, I actually wanted to make it a heritage in my family. hahahaha,.. I know, I-watch-too-much tv. but it could have! I could have pass it to my daughter someday though the day is as blurry as haze could be but girl can dream right?

I cried for days now who's overreacting for things that can't be undone?  -_____________-

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