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Friday, November 20, 2015

How am I going to read 17 books in two months?? sigh. This is what happen when you're over confident. You set unrealistic goal. T-T

BTW, The Rose Petal Beach arrives today. :)

Dorothy Koomson's hard cover book for only 17.90!!!! Now this is a crazy sale! Bought it from urgently cause it was the last day of the sale only to realise, they're always on sale. 

Anyways, after much trial and error,now I know for sure which genre I enjoy to read. picked up about 3 chick flick books, give up halfway. Pure romance on boy meet girl boy fall in love live happily ever after are too simple.......and bore me to death. (It's really a miracle that I finished that "Finding Audrey").

I like thriller but not too what am I getting at? Dorothy's Koomson's thriller books are perfect for me. I read comments on Goodreads that the changing narrative viewpoint that she use in all her thriller books are confusing. they say they can't relate with every "I" she's mentioning cause she keep changing it but I LOVE it the most! I love that I can get inside minimun of 3 people's mind from just one book.

Take "Ice Cream Girl" for example. I love that I can read the teacher's mind...all the twisted thing in him...and in "Women He Loved Before", I love to read diaries!

Maybe I can. Maybe I can read 17 books in 1 month. I'll start with this The Rose Petal Beach. I can reduce my TV hours..... I can definitely do that. pftttt this is easy.

but first let me finish this Elementary episode.  

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