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Friday, November 6, 2015


I have a weak heart. I seriously can not stand not knowing something. I have to admit... I am obsess with...knowing things. I really really hate to be left in the dark.

Who read spoilers u ask? I DO! 

Before I watch running man, I'll find out who won from wikipedia, when reading books the first chapter I read is always the last chapter, If I miss out a few episode of a tv series, I'll read recap first before I watch the episode...

and I thought that was it...I thought I've done everything extreme time, while I was watching Maze Runner at the cinema, I googled the recap and ending...halfway through the movie. then it hits me...this is not the first time. I've done this before!!! WTH. 2 jam pun tak boleh tahan. -____-

Why am I writing this? All because I am quite dissapointed with the direction Castle Season 8 is currently heading. Yes, they want Beckett to grow in her career but a captain? A very bossy captain at that? hmmmm..... and WTH with obsessing with conspiracy...again? I thought this was over. I am with Castle on this one. Yes, we've seen this before and yes, we are very angry despite knowing Beckett has every right to behave how she behave. Season 8...there's not much Caskett anymore.

I know the production crew has every right to determine the direction of a show, but please writer, learn from How I Met Your Mother. No matter how good you were throughout the whole series, one mistake, only one mistake can tarnish the whole production altogether. 

For now, I'll trust you writer. I'll trust your vision. Times like this I wish someone would accidentally send me a copy of the last episode of this season. I wish I have more to hold on to then this blind loyalty. 

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