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Text me pleaseeee

Thursday, November 26, 2015


I once posted a picture on instagram about spam calls I received within a day. Well, till now, the spam calling haven’t stop. Considered changing my number but after much consideration I forgo the idea…sayang laaa…I’ve been using the same number ever since high school! I can’t let couple of spam calls get in my way. I-am-not-afraid. 

So alternatively, nowadays, I don’t pick up calls from unknown number…every single one. Including hand phone number. I figured if it is something important or just my friend saying hello, they’ll text me. 

This is what happen today… Me, being my usual self.. I ignored repeated phone calls from this one number…only to realise, 

It was from Ajie! 

So friends, if I don’t pick up, SORRY!! In a way…spam calls did ruin me..T-T 

P/S: now you know what to do if I don’t pick up.

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