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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


At first I thought I wanted to write about 2015 but halfway through, it got personal...and introvert me thinks that it's too private for this I wrote it to my journal instead. With everything that happens, I just hope 2016 would be a good year with a lot of changes and experience that will makes me wiser as a human. :)


Instead, let me share with you the conversation I had with a really good friend about 2015...or ermmm more like drama's lead character.

Dramas started with characters having miserable/unhappy life. Then something happen. Something that changed their life it family issue/love life/career change...anything...any good kind of change. At the end of the drama, everything ties nicely in a bow and everyone lives happily ever after.

Too fairytale-y.... Sound impossible to achieve right? 

but if you look closer, all these dramas, they have something else in common. The characters courage to take that big step. They were brave enough to make crucial decisions that changes everything. I know life is not dramas but actual people had major changes before weren't they? People had took big step to do something and some succeeded weren't there?

So it's not yourself have to put your feet forward and work towards making that step. not anyone

I sincerely pray Allah will gives you and I that courage, my dear friends. Amin.

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