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Wednesday, December 9, 2015



I was having Nouman's video on auto play when I stumbled upon this video

This lecture changes my life forever! Well, technically it's not forever's only been two weeks but I never experienced having lectures stuck in my head for more than 2 days so this is definitely a good lecture. Nowadays, whenever I feel like doing something useless like lying dead on my bed on a weekend, I always remember his word that now is not the time for all that. We have bigger mission to accomplish...bigger things to pursuit.

I have summarise some points for future reference

1. Hierarchy of pursuit (lowest to highest). The higher, the harder to get.
happiness < cool < popularity < prestige < money < excellence < impact

Happiness is the lowest of all pursuit!!! and to think that everyone is pursuing happiness. ish ish ish. I'm guilty too! all I ever wanted is to be happy. Little did I know, happiness is much easier to pursuit and achieve compared to other types of pursuit.

2. Stop lying to ourselves that we've done enough.

I love the "Love Youself" mantra but like I said before, I think I love myself too much. I wasn't hard on myself. I accept things just the way they are without making effort...all in the name of loving myself. loser me. Now, seriously, whenever I feel like slacking off, not wanting to do things that I feel is too hard for me, I remember this word and I get-it-done! so yea, thank you Ustaz.

somewhere in the video he was saying about "now is not the time to watch movies after movies"...menusuk! -____-

3. Allah doesn't see result, He sees effort.

Isn't He always? then why are we stressing on result so much? Did He care that I got a 100 on my mathematic's exam (will never stop bragging about this hehe)? No. All He cares is the late night studying, the study groups, my effort to get there...not the end result. He rewards people based on effort and He is the only one...definitely the Almighty. Then why are we so afraid of trying?

PS: yes I don't know how to put the video at the centre. #noob

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