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Dreamy December

Sunday, December 13, 2015



Esok cuti!!!!! Hehe. I’m bragging too much today especially to my Wilayah Persekutuan's friends who laugh at me when they had “Hari Wilayah” Well, I had more. :D 


My parents had their school reunion yesterday. They’re extremely excited about it. How long has it been..30 years? Seeing how happy they are, nowadays, I don’t complain much when my mum is busy on the phone with her group whatsapp...I think she deserve it. She can finally breath now that we are all grown up though sometimes things like “Emak mana stoking semalam basuh?” still happen.

Speaking of which, I can now breath too. Dik Yah started her new semester. Yeaaaahhhh I FINALLY have the room all to myself. Though when she’s gone, Farid has only me to talk to so I’ve been listening to a lot of drama recaps these days. -_____________- but thank God it will not be for long because he FINALLY get a job too. CONGRATULATION to my EAR. 

December has been good so far. I hope this will continue in 2016 too. :) 


On "Safety First" episode today, they installed a CCTV in men’s washroom to see whether they wash their hand after taking care of their business or not. I was so shock to know that only 2 people out of so many washed their hand!!! So if religion wasn’t enough to keep you from holding hands with your boyfriend, how about germs and bacteria? :P For your family, just be ready with a sanitizer.

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