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End of year to-do-list

Monday, December 28, 2015



Apparently, too much holiday is not good for me...I should have known myself better. I never get things done on long holiday.


While taking leaves, I always postpone things that I need to do for later. Every morning I'll be like "I'll rest for just one more day. I'll do it tomorrow, promise!"...but it's been five tomorrows already and I haven't even send the TB to our auditor! OMG! 

I think I misunderstood the word resting and lazying around.

Resting lets you recharge and makes you feel better and more energise after having a good one while lazying around gives you headache and back pain...and I'm dying here!!!!

So i'm listing my to-do list for this holiday here and cross them once done. One-by-one. This will at least gives me some pressure to get it done'll have all your judg-y eyes to scrutinise my every move.

December year-end to-do-list

1. Go see a dentist
2. Make appointment for Project G due to unforseen circumstances, postpone to 2017.
3. Organise closet. 29/12
4. Frame and hang puzzle
5. Complete 2016 diary.
6. Send TB and schedule for INR audit 29/12


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