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Friday, December 25, 2015



Just recently, I started watching Reply 1988. Can you believe it? me, Athirah, taking so long to start watching the series. I was contemplating whether to watch it or not. The thing is, I am always a fan of Reply series but judging how emotionally invested I am with the past two series, I am not sure I want to repeat the whole process again...but you know, reminder comes in various ways and for this area, I have Ain to thank to. She's my go-to person if I want to know whether a show is worth watching or not.

"Tengok lah weh! ni best Reply kot. nal mideoyo! Kalau tak best ko give up je la after episode 4 ke 5 ke."


How can she ask me to give up? I never give up on a show! (ok maybe not never. Hotel King ruin that record)

and I'm glad I believe her.


yes, so the emotional roller coaster begun.

Even the first episode got me all teared up. No not about Deok Sun middle child crisis. I never felt it. I am Bora in my family :P it's more on the comparison between Sun Woo and Jung Hwan's attitude towards their family.

Sun Woo told his mother everything. Literally everything...including gossips at school whereas Jung Hwan is not much of a chatter. He thought nothing is that big of a deal to go around telling stories to his mother..but the thing is, mums want to know. Nothing is to small of a matter if it involves their child. 

I am Jung Hwan..I don't know when did I develop this independent persona, I realise that I share lesser and lesser as I got older. I am still with my "besides me, everyone is stranger" mantra and thruthfully, I don't want to let my mum in on my struggle. I want her to live in this little bubbles where she thinks everything around me is perfect and I am living this perfect life.

Seeing everything being played on television... the way it hurts when a child refuses to share anything with his mother, makes me reflect on my own life.

Even recently, I told my mum about my promotion after about 2 days of receiving my promotion letter. -____________-

This is bad. I have to learn to be more talkative. I should share more. Pray for me guys,


P/S: this is only the first episode though. oh crap, I am going to do this for every episode am I?

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