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Saturday, January 23, 2016




1. To Ayu, this post contains a loooottttt of spoilers. Please don't proceed. Abort mission!
2. This post is also not recommended for non K-drama watcher and serious people.


There's this one delusional thing that I do everytime I watch a K-drama, I'll imagine if in real life, both male leads come to me, who would I choose....

suprisingly, I always have definitive answer for everything

Yoon Jae (Reply 1997), Sseuregi oppa (Reply 1994), Shin Hyuk sunbae (She Was Pretty), Tae Kwang (School 2015), Nam Ha Jin (Discovery of love), Youngdo (The Heirs), Shin Se Gi over Cha Do Hyun (Kill Me Heal Me) and the list goes on.....

I can choose easily..

but not Reply 1988...not this drama

Why I would choose Taek?

Ever since that kiss scene in Episode 17, I kind of know the direction the writer choose to pursuit. I know it wasn't a dream at all!

Realistically speaking, if we're taking Deok Sun's point of view, if I were her, I would choose Taek. Yes, I know, Junghwan is the bigger guy but does Deok Sun knows that?? no!!! From her point of view, Taek is always there for her... especially when it matters...he was there when she cried.. he was there when she got dumped. when it comes to her, he never hesitates.. He just do it...without calculating things. He's not ashamed of her nor his feeling towards her. He confidently declares his love towards her to his gang...and he doesn't even waver or laugh it off as a joke when the gang teases him about that. Now, this is the kind of guy that every girl should marry! The kind who declares he love you. I hate to be in the "faham faham sendiri la" situation because that's just lonely.

Moreover, at least he sincerely declare that Deok Sun is pretty instead of "prettiest among ugly-s" waaay to go Junghwan

How about Junghwan?

As a viewer, as a an obsess fan of the show, I would love for him to get the girl. because I've seen everything that he did for Deok Sun..every single sacrifice he makes...from waiting for her every morning to go to school together, waiting for her to come back from study room.. the way it affects him when she's in pain..he's just so sweet..and sometime, arguably unreal.

but the thing is, Deok Sun doesn't know all this! How can she "faham faham sendiri la" when you keep going back and forth from showing you like her to being cold with your couldn't-care-less face...and he hesitates a lot... He thinks too much..He has this personality where he always put others feeling above him...and while he's calculating, 6 years had gone... Realistically speaking, a girl can't wait forever...we're bound to move on if nothing progresses.... I think this serve as a lesson to all of us...if you want it, work for it.

Though he did not get the girl, to me, he's still the male lead. The story focuses too much on his crush towards Deok Sun and his growth as a human to dethrone him from that position. To me, this is a story where second lead wins. The kind of story I had hoped in other know how male leads always have doubt and it's always the second leads who pursue the girls earnestly but in the end the female leads still chooses the first leads kind-of-drama. I always hope they would be a twist at the end of those dramas..of course, nobody listen to me. The arrogant, cold face male lead always get the girl.

Nobody fulfill my wish until this drama. T-T That's why friend, be careful what you wish for. I guess this must have been how it feels to ship for Chilbong :P

the moment he go "saranghae"...I die.

Some people argue that he doesn't have closure, but for me, this is his closure...this is him..letting go of his feeling for Deok Sun..though it's awfully too late, at least he gets it out of his system. T-T last minute script change or not, this is his final decision. He chooses to let go...He chooses to let Taek wins..and as a fan, we have to respect that.

If I were Deok Sun

I would have confess to Junghwan the moment I realise I like him..a lot...I would took charge of my life rather than wait for the boys to sort their feeling. At the very least, if I got rejected, at least I'll get my closure and move on. There's no more "what ifs?".

Reply 1988 in general

Despite everything, I still love the series in general... this drama is not just about girl meets boy girl fall in love...It's so much more than that. Honestly, I love that they focus more on the family and friendship of the people in the same neighborhood. I love that they treat the street like one big giant living room where every one's family and look out for each other. They even treat each others house as their own especially Taek's. Heck they even hang out there when he's not home! I love the emotions the writer choose to present and I think each one of the actors portrait it the end of the series, I find myself becoming more mature (a bit) as a human...

Did I say I love all of them? I did right? T-T


After 1994, I swear I would not watch anymore Reply..not because they're not good, in fact they're too good that I was too emotionally invested in it, it's so hard for me to move on. I tell myself that I can't go through that anymore. My heart will burst.

Then this happen. sigh. and it doesn't help that I am the most dramatic, emotional, cengeng person ever. I cry...a lot! For the past one month, my life revolves around them. It's what I watch before bed, it's what I dream of, it's what I watch the minute I got up! and now, the withdrawal syndrome is even worst than with 1994.

I know, this is bad. Yes, I learn things from the drama but I also know the process as a whole is a waste of time. Instead of watching people live their life, I should start living my life... January is almost over and I did nothing! nothing! not even a single post for this blog.


so I write this. I want to put an end to this. This shall serves as my good bye to reply (1988?). It was a lovely ride but I have to move on. Farewell, everyone.

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