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February 4

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Hi..If January was full of nothingness, February has been so packed that I simply don't have time to even scrub my face! I've been blessed.

February 4 was Emak's birthday.

It has become a norm in my family not to celebrate my parents birthday..I don't know why but we never did..but since I am now an adult (harsh reality), I have the power to choose my life, my experience and my future...and in my future, I definitely want to be celebrated even when I am 70!! (Take note future children/grandchildren).

Since I am a big believer in "treat others like how you want to be treated", I started this new tradition ever since I move back to my parents'.

and I am right..people, no matter how old we are, we all like surprises. It's really rewarding seeing them smile over that really small gestures.

However, lesson learn this time is NOT to plan everything on your own. COMMUNICATE. I planned everything, but the minute I reach home, everyone was all ready to go out for dinner courtesy of Abah andddd to top it all, Farid came back with a box full of Big Apple.

Pembaziran berleluasa. >.<

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