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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


"Ecececehhh, blogger girl"

Honestly, what is Blogger girl? Obvious, simple meaning would be "a girl who owns a blog"..but I don't think this calls for an ececeeeehhh. The way people view bloggers nowadays is "A girl who's famous, pretty, very knowledgeable in make up department and take awesome OOTD".

not me babe, definitely not me! I'm not even worthy of your ececeeehhh. :P

Again, not all bloggers are famous..and not everyone aims to be one..I for starters started this blog to materialise everything that I ever thought in writing...what's my purpose? sometimes I just want to put my thoughts out there..and see whether anyone had ever thought about the same thing as mine. One of my favourite blogger Azreen once said something around this line,

"The thing that worries me has always been the static silence of my thought. If I'm not able to hear the voice that helps me to write, when I stare at the monitor for far too long, and I can't open up to things inside. Some people feel like they are bound to their private thoughts, keeping it away from the public - in search of their own serenity. As for me, what's written here, or in my mind, have always been one."

this is what I love about her. We have the same goals for our blogs...although, hmmm, technically, our grammar and vocabulary adalah seperti langit dengan bumi. She's up there so, with my high school grade english. sigh.

Anyways, the reason I'm telling you all these is because if you can see, I haven't blog much this year..and I have a lot of personal, private thoughts that I haven't been able to this blog post serves as a warning to you...I'll be blogging about my current thoughts in the next couple of, hmmm you've been warned. :P

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