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Saturday, July 9, 2016


Am I pretty? am I? What? not me the author..I know I am *flips tudung* I am talking about this blog new design!! Pretty or not? *man scratching head* puhaaaaa. Okay, no need to answer. I know it looks the same to you men. I've been meaning to have this simple yet professional look since forever...but you know how hard it is to code? and html bla bla bla looks so boring.

Then I found out that people have been selling premade blogger templates on Etsy! Yeay yeay yeay! I'm a noob really..because what else is not on the internet? People sell everything! Literally everything. What's left is to choose a good template that's close to my ideal type and this itself is a whole new topic. I don't know how they put the price on those blog templates, but seriously, a lot of them looks the same but their pricing fuuuhhh, seperti langit dengan bumi. One up there so high then another one that looks similar cost much much cheaper than the other. I really don't understand.

Maybe it's harder to code? Maybe only people who appreciate codes know why it's more expensive? Maybe. What do I know. I am no designer. I spend $5 for this one plus additional tutorial should I need to add more fancy things to this blog. I think it's worth it. :P

BTW, check them out and let's see if you feel the same way.

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