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Sunday, August 28, 2016


Several days ago, my friends and I did a social experiment. Our aim is to find out is there any good guys on Tinder? LOL. I swear we have a perfectly good reason for doing this! A friend of one of us is currently chatting on tinder with this guy who seems nice and he wants to meet. We were wondering if it is safe to go out there meeting a guy we know nothing about other than the information that he chooses to share? so we conducted this experiment. btw, looking at my reader pool, I don't think I need to explain what Tinder is right? If you don't know and want to know but too shy to ask anyone else, PM tepi. :P

So yeah, I signed up for Tinder. We took my profile very seriously. We want me to appear as attractive as possible so that a lot of people will swipe right because what's an experiment without a large pool of studies. btw, can we pause a moment here? I take offense on how little this girls trust me on managing my account.... I know how to be attractive too! pfffttt.

After one hour (yup...they took this long to finalise my profile because finding a good picture of me is apparently a hard work..even I admit that. sigh. #notphotogenic), my profile is complete. I haven't even begin swiping but several people superlike me already! wow I feel pretty. =P We too, begin swiping but not randomly. We only swipe right to those who we think are good guys since that's our aim anyway. We even swiped right the guy than our friend's friend is currently chatting with to see whether we'll match.

This is our finding:

1. We found a husband of this recently famous instafamous girl on Tinder! Husband ok husband! and it's not an old account also because he updated several of his latest pictures on Tinder! How we know that? One of the downside of being an instafamous girl's husband is you too, would be drag to this instafamous world....and his latest picture on Instagram, matches his latest picture on Tinder! WTH.

2. Other than husbandS, I'm a match to several people's boyfriend too! Some are getting married soon! soon as in one month soon! WTH lagi. I mean, seriously, if you're getting married, why would you be on Tinder? If it's an old account it's ok but what are you doing swiping right on other girls photo when you're getting married in 30 days?!

3. There is no exclusivity on Tinder. Even if the guy says that you're exclusive, that he's only on Tinder because of you, go puke...because apparently, my friend's friend exclusive Tinder buddy, is a match to me too...and he messages me too! O.O

4. Some guy, mulut manis, sounds funny, looks really attractive are on Tinder only for his MLM purpose. If you think about it, it's actually pretty brilliant. You uploaded your best photos, be on your best behaviour on messages, ask the girl out then bammm trick her with your MLM/investment scheme...By this time, the girl is too smitten by you to even refuse you. Good. marketing. strategy. I respect you sir. -____-

Throughout our experiment, we didn't find even a single good guy on Tinder. bummer right? So our own personal conclusion is, there's no good guy on Tinder. We deleted my account at the end of the experiment.

Now I am not saying there's none. There might be some really good guy in there somewhere but you have to go really really really deep into the pool of not so good guys before you could find the good ones. my advice is to be careful...proceed with caution. Don't get hurt along the way. Tinder is definitely not for me but maybe it works well for you. Whatever keep you happy girl.

One of this really funny guy wrote this as his bio

"Willing to lie on how we met"
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I want to swipe right but my friend accidentally swipe left while rolling on the floor laughing! So maybe you can start with him, girls. 

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