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Rest in peace my dear friend

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I broke my pot guys!!!!!!!! My precious aloe vera pot! 😭😭😭😭😭 Ever since I got busy, I have been neglecting it a lot. There was one time I even forgot to water it for a whole 3 weeks! Poor baby....what sin have you committed to have met such irresponsible today, since it's a non closing Saturday, our office balcony was empty. I thought I wanted to shower it with sunlight and gembur gemburkan it's soil a bit. Sekali pangggggg, jatuh! oh my heart.

To my aloe vera plant,
I may not look or act like it but I actually really like you. Remember the time when I brought you from home? I was a total newbie in this gardening department, I broke your leaves! So from the initial 5 beautiful leaves, you're only left with 3 leaves. People call you ugly, or too small for that big pot but u ignore them and keep growing. The moment you started to grow new leave, under my watch, I was soooooo happy! I am proud of you for growing so well and you give me hope that I can do this gardening thing despite my ugly personality. and All those stressful time, late nights, weekends and public holidays, you're always there with me..sitting, peacefully and quietly. So I guess now it's time for you to rest. 😭 Goodbye my friend...hope you find peace up there or in your case, down there, in Aida's dustbin.


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