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What happen with 2016 goals?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Truth be told, this is the first for me to set measurable goals...I was excited! I wrote everything nicely and pasted it on my desk board, you know, so that I can look at it everyday and well, feel motivated. Fast forward to exactly a year later, last week, Ayu and Pikah sleepover and they saw it, sarcastically,

Ayu: Achieve ke ni weh? Ni tak, yang tu tak, yang ni pun tak, mana satu yang ko achieve?
Me: Takda T_______T

Some of them are not too far from the initial goals but most of them are just disastrous. So without further ado, let's all review my hangat-hangat tahi ayam self. (P/S: to future self, this is you, at 26, easily distracted)

1. Ganti puasa

Managed to do 4 out of 7 days
2017 > do the remaining 3 days and finish ganti puasa for 2017 cycle.

2. Turn room into Pinterest worthy room

In progress, I swear...the only reason this took so long is of course, financial constraint.
2017 > well, finish this project and blog about it! :)

3. Qatam Quran

haihhh...this know, when I was younger, whenever I wanted to procastinate on this, I would always thought that I'll do this later, when I become adult...well, is 26 not adult enough?
2017 > finish this

4. Weigh 55 kg

haha haha haha...
2017 > same

5. Write about Perth & Cambodia

Cambodia is partly done but Perth, well, do you even know that I went to Perth???
2017 > Finish Cambodia, write about Perth, Japan, KK, Laos and Cebu

6. Pass one ACCA paper

2017 > same

7. Wake up at 5 am for one month

what was I thinking?? Did I not know myself?
2017 > don't fall back to sleep after Subuh for one month (achievable, I guess)

8. Read 26 books

14 out of 26 books. T_____T
2017 > 12 books (this should be easy right?)

Wish me luck guys and Happy New Year! May 2017 be your year, Assalamualaikum.

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