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Thursday, February 9, 2017


So, according to my schedule, I need to post something today....What should I tell you? hmmmmm... oh, recently, I was selected for a roundtable session with our big bosses. When my manager asked me to go, he told me why I was chosen.....he said he needed someone outspoken so he choose me...come again? what? Outspoken? ME?? *feltofchairindisbelief*

The rountable session was a success (my POV)....I think I played my part well. I jumped in when I needed to, voiced out my opinion, make proper eye contact, I believe eveything went smoothly. I was smooth too.

Whole life, never had I thought someone would describe me as "outspoken". All this while I thought I am the introvert - shy type! Even in this blog, how many times have I mention about my introvert moment....I guess not.

However, I am in fact, evolving, as I grow older and wiser. I have come so far since my teenage years. At 13, when I  presented something in front of the class, my voice is so low, even people in the first row can't hear me! Around that time my nickname was "budak suara kecik" -___________-

So this "budak suara kecik" grow up to become this "outspoken lady". Feeling super emotional right now. Never though that I could change....didn't realise that I did change.....I thought my life was stagnant. I guess, I have been underestimating myself.

Maybe, this 26 years old version of myself is not so introvert anymore. I need new words to describe myself. For now, I am,

"Outspoken, Sometime extrovert, most of the time introvert, socially awkward woman in her mid 20s."

yup. that sounds about right.

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