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Sunday, February 5, 2017

You know what excite me the most nowadays? Household items! Say what?? no young people get turn on by vacuum cleaner, blender and the like....I'm old guys! T___T Just the other day, I grinned foolishly here and there looking extremely happy just because I bought a new bed sheet.


The same thing happened to Kak Ila. When asked what makes her happy one day, she said it's because her vacuum cleaner arrived at the store.

If we were a couple of years younger, we wouldn't even look at those household appliances sections they have in department stores and those items will certainly not affect our mood....Now that we're older, things change...our interests change. We are no longer those kids that are only into latest gadgets, clothes and other things teenagers are into...and now, home is not just another roof we're living under, it's a place we love most, it's a place we look out to after a busy day at work, and we would do anything to make that place the comfiest place on earth....We now appreciate the true meaning of a place called home.

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