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Saturday, March 4, 2017


I achieve it! *throw confetti*

Why one month? because I believe it takes at least one month to build a habit. My ultimate goal is to be a morning person but simply "be a morning person" is not measurable, hence the one month goal.  

If you've been reading my blog, you would have known that this is  part of goals I failed to achieve in 2016...and to finally be able to do it, so early in 2017, I could not be happier. 2017 is going great so far. yeeepppiiieeeee!

and guess what else I've been doing together with this goal, my "weigh 55 kg goal"! I, not only wake up early, I go for morning jog too!!! who would have thought this day would come? Fit and a morning person. Mind blowing!


So far, I haven't lose any weight yet. To be honest, I was quite upset, slightly demotivated even. I mean how come I weigh the same with or without exercise? However, now, I have come to term with it..I accept that being healthy is a lifestyle, not a race. Instead of focusing on the scale, I should look at the bigger picture. I may not see it now but if I persist, my 30 years old self will thank my 26 year old self on 15th of January 2017, 7.00 am for making that first leap. Please body, make yourself proud.


More on that in another entry but for now, let's focus on solely being a 'morning person'.

This goal started when I realised that by sleeping in, I actually live less than most people. I mean, compare me, wake up at 8.30am sleep at 12am (on weekdays, trust me you don't want to know my score on weekend), with a person who wakes up at 6am and sleep at 12am). She would have 2 and a half hour extra a day and that's like.....3 days in a month or a month in a year!!!! and I keep complaining about how little time I had.

Don't want to lose more, I started this goal and it took me a year to finally, tick off this goal from my list of unaccomplished goals. #betterlatethannever

What has it been like? Do I really have more time now?

I do.

Like mentioned earlier, I now have time to exercise...but not only that...I do it with my mother and sometime Dikyah joins, we'll talk, update each other about each other's life....and sometime Abah would pick us up to go for breakfast...and sometime post-exercise, I'll watch TV with Farid and we bicker before I is just so rewarding, to spend my morning with my family, with ONLY them, before the day got serious...before work tire me out.

I am a much happier person now. If last year I don't want to wake up early because I know work would slap me in the face the minute I got up, today, I have a lot to look forward to in a new day...major love

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