Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Life update: I went to Japan and KK in March. Japan was really really nice I can't wait to blog about it! not now though, my old phone is still in repair shop so let us all pray that they can backup all my photos.

For now, let's talk about Sabah.

This trip started a year ago when Qilah and Kak Tikah realised that our their contract with both BDO and Peneraju will end in 2017 and it is expected that most of us would leave the firm following the end of the contract. So trip ni macam acah acah farewell trip gitu la.

With 21 adults, organizing this trip was really a challenge. So many things to consider! People cancelled (letup booo), people joined in. I was in charge of only a small part and even that gave me major headache I can only imagine what others with bigger part have to go through. Let's just say, I am glad that we managed to pull this off and dare I say, with success. =P

WARNING: This is a picture heavy post (After my phone broke before I backup anything, I now realise that you can only trust internet to keep your memories)

Places worth noting

Desa Cattle Farm

Desa Cattle Farm, tempat nak acah-acah New Zealand

Bonus - Front: Life pre-kid, Side: Life post-kid

Poring Hot Spring

Aktiviti bebas. Some went for the Hot Spring, the boys went for the waterfall, we, excitedly planned for canopy walk.....

We look so happy right? but behind those smiles are carutan dalam hati! Honestly, I didn't expect to climb anything. This was supposed to be a relaxing trip not use-your-energy trip and you would have thought that I am fit for this from all those morning walk but noooooooo, my fitness level hasn't change much since Broga -__________-  reminder to self: Research before committing. 

Tagal Sungai Moroli Fish Spa

Again, research before committing! When you say fish spa I expected small fish like they have in malls but noooooo....see the size of those fishes!!! I swear, I even saw some piranhas around!

Island Hoping

Don't have a good picture of mine so Hasan and Alia's would do...hehe..Tick off one of the thing in my "Things to do before I die," list! Parasailing!

Meeting these people is another proof of fate working it's magic. Honestly, when they say that our firm placement is going to be random, with other prestigious Big 4s around, none of us wished to be here..Some of us even approached Peneraju to ask whether change/trade is possible. Change/trade is not possible as according to them, we were grouped based on personality so change/trade would just disturb the whole flow which I confess, in early days, I thought they were bluffing. I remember feeling so out of place being in the same group with people whose so smart, positive (have you met Kak Tikah and Yati?) and energetic! Those adjectives are certainly not me! 

However, after 4 years with these people, I wouldn't trade them with anyone and among the 5 firms, I am really really proud to say that we're the closest to each other and it all comes down to the very basic core of any relationship; we make effort to keep the relationship going. I am not even talking about just Peneraju peeps anymore, I am talking about our BDO peeps, as a whole. People who left the firm still make effort to join gatherings and trip, people who's still in BDO make an effort to organise gatherings.....effort. It's so simple but often overlook. 

I hope, in years to come, we will still be this close to each other. I know I am being greedy....I know things change...but I think I love these people too much to let them go...I hope it won't be like; we bumping into each other and we'll be "Eh weeehhh, dah sepuluh tahun aku tak jumpa kau!" ='(

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