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Friday, May 26, 2017


Selamat Berpuasa everyone!


My friends have been asking me how I could afford to travel overseas every year followed with remarks like I can because I am rich etc etc. well………not really. I mean, yes I am among the fortunate ones who’s on the better side of the income level, but no, I don’t actually spend that much on my travelling expenses. 

I travel cheap. People are still surprised when I told them that I spend only around RM 2,000 all-in for my 8 days Japan trip which covers Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka! 

My take on this,

Your money, spend it however you want. If you don’t have much but still want to travel, try to go on a budget…really tight one. Seriously, if you plan everything properly, you sometimes don’t even need to save for long before you can go on a trip. Even if you have a lot too but still want to travel frugally, your money, your call. If it is luxury you’re seeking for, it’s okay too. Who are we to condemn on how other people spend their money? 

However, do note that once you choose a path, manage your expectation. Some people expect everything to be cheap but still want the luxury of a five star hotel. Ini memang mintak lempang. Cannot la bro. If you want five star, expect to spend more than just few hundreds. 

In addition, if possible, find travel partner that suites your budget. It is really important to discuss your expectation. Try to find middle ground that everyone would be happy with. If you can't find one, for the benefit of the trip and your friendship, I suggest you to forgo the trip. This is legit. I've seen people went from friend to foe after one trip together.

As for me, I am really lucky to have Ain in my life. She’s super cheapskate she will search through holes to minimize even the tiniest of expenses.


Btw, since we're on the topic, I would like to stress again, there's really no right or wrong when it comes to travelling. One of my friends once uploaded a status condemning people who sacrifice comfort for cheap saying things like "of course you spend so little, you don't sleep at hotels. You (i quote) mereput on buses!" I took offence because I too, took overnight buses to save on accommodation but again, I choose not to spend on accommodation. My money, my call.

P/S: In addition to being cheap, I am also a fashion disaster during trips so ermm my appearance my call?

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