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Health before Sickness 2

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Something that I forgot to mention in the previous post is, throughout the experience, I now believe that I am a responsible patient. Well, I only have Farid and Abah to benchmark with but proud to say, I think I did pretty well as a patient. I acknowledge that I was sick, I took my meds religiously and I eat.

Here is why I think it's important:

1. to acknowledge that you are sick

The faster I acknowledge that I am sick, the faster I can get help. I don't act tough and shy away from doctors. When Emak decided that I need to see the doctor, I go. no resistance whatsoever but you know that it took my mother 2 days to drag him to the clinic? and even then he with his bebel still blabbing about how he's not that sick to not puasa and all. Until he's really sick, i.e. can't even talk, only he willingly allowed Emak to take him anywhere to find cure.

The dance i'm not sick i'm sick i'm not sick really wasn't necessary. Acknowledge it.

2. to take your meds accordingly

After you acknowledge that you're sick, the next step is to take whatever meds prescribed to you, regularly. I never get people who refuse their meds. I mean, do you not want to get better? The classic answer would be "Meds taste shit. I hate meds,". Well, who does? Nobody eat their meds just because, well, except drug addicts but that is a whole different story, the point is, deep down, everyone hates medicine but in order to get better, we have no choice, we have to eat them, so do so! Don't be a cry baby saying that easy for others to say, they don't have to go through what I need to go through but guys, they are worst people with worst kind of diseases but they push through. Why can't you?

3. Eat

for energy. This is quite similar with meds but this, omg, this is a whole different problem because we have a lot of option with this one. I get it, you're sick, no appetite, everything taste bad bla bla bla but at this point of time, it's not about your taste and your appetite anymore. It's about survival. To have energy to fight whatever that your fighting, eating is necessary. You're not the only one without appetite. Story of my life, when my fever was at it peak, it took me 1 hour to finish one piece of gardenia because it just doesn't taste right but I push through. So so proud of myself =P So you, just freaking finish your food already!

Why am I ranting so much about this? because I have seen what caring for sick people had done to my mother. She would cook/buy all kind of foods and Farid/Abah still won't eat. Sometime, they eat a little, sometime, nobody would so she had to throw it away. Then they will complain that they don't have any energy or how their illness never seems to get better. *rolleyes*. Worst, sometime they blame my mom for not catering to their taste. I swear, I am this close to whacking a sick person. kalau lah bukan bulan Ramadhan.

I hope this serve as a reminder to you and me that while being sick itself is devastating, and tiring, you're not the only one who's suffering. People tending to you suffer too. Have mercy on them.

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