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Sunday, June 18, 2017


Hi hi. So you guys witness how much of a procrastinator I am. haha. I thought blogging for 3 days a week is easy! Clearly, I thought wrong. 1. I'm lazy 2. Finding things to write is difficult too. I wanted to be more informative, you know, write more grown up stuff but I don't think much these days so this prove to be quite a challenge.

Till I successfully update trice a week, bear with me guys.


Though I have been in my current employment for around 2 and a half years now, I recently notice that I hardly talk about my curent colleague. It is not like they're not as awesome as my BDO colleagues, they're fun too.

Allow me to introduce you to them

First, is my gossip buddies which is Kak Ila, Fad and Del. We talk, a lot. In addition to our one hour lunch chitchatting, we also have a daily hang out session at Kak Ila's workstation. That would also normally lasted for an hour. #talkaboutproductivity =P We can talk about lottttttttsssss of things. We can start with work, then tudung, then baju raya, then exercise, then food and as if this wasn't enough, we whatsapp each other after work too!

Next would be my lunch buddies which basically the same people + Erlia. Erlia is a unique character. She's the youngest among us (23!) but since she hang out with us, she generally looks older hehe sorry babe! and it doesn't help that she's so matured as well. She's blunt too.

Last but not least is my INM team! In this 3 years, people moved out, people came. I've work with both the old team and the new one. Of course, they're some difference. The obvious one being we have more Malay to other races ratio now. When I first joined, I was the only Malay in the team....not that I am complaining, my previous colleagues is a lot of fun to be around with too! I am just saying that it's different. Before SLB, I didn't get the opportunity to work with Malays as often as I do now, the experience, so far, it's an eye opener. Secondly, I am now the most senior member of the team. If 3 years ago I am the one being taught by my leaving seniors, now, the responsibility falls onto me to teach the new hires. It ain't easy. I am never in this position before. Normally, I would have at least one senior to rely to but now, I am that person. This is only the beginning though. More responsibilities will fall onto me as I gain more experience. Am I up for that challenge?

Note to self: Avoid freestyle photos

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