Friday, June 30, 2017


My cousin Haris recently joins Schlumberger so we were talking about this upcoming quarter closing and other work related stuff. Haris was telling me about how he now has a new colleague of whom he has to split his current portfolio with. Haris unintentionally gave his biggest portfolio (Haris is also new so he does not realise that that area is big) to the girl so he now has more time to breath during closing. Unfortunately, now, his new colleague has to suffer more during closing.

Pak Ngah listened to everything carefully before he jumped in,

"Haris tolong je la dia. Memang tu kerja die tapi kalau kita tolong orang, Allah nampak semua tu. Kita mungkin tak dapat apa-apa dekat dunia, tapi kita dapat saham dekat akhirat. Orang selalu tak perasan benda ni. Bila buat kerja extra sikit merungut. Bila cakap pasal benefit je orang fikir cash. Yang diorang kisah cuma pasal saving account je. Diorang tak nampak fixed deposit yang diorang dah letak dekat account Akhirat diorang tu. Itu lagi untung."


I am not going to lie, being a senior in the team, sometime, I got tired of helping, teaching people and although this reminder is actually for Haris, it fits my current situation perfectly well too. See, told you Allah knows his timing.

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