Sunday, July 30, 2017


Things that distracted me from writing:

1. Too busy living my life (Raya is so loud this year Alhamdulillah)
2. I am in my cave busy sorting out my thoughts. (My mind is too loud these days. A lot of things are happening at once, I am happy sad confuse all at the same time. Who says only man have imaginary cave?)
3. I wouldn't mind puking all my thoughts from No. 2 in this blog but because a lot of them are too private and emotional, I've been writing them in my journal instead. Sorry blog I've cheated on you!
4. I found new hobby...wait let me rephrase that. I reconnected with old hobby...doodling! Nowadays, instead of writing, I doodled most of my thoughts. For now, I find it more soothing that writing.

Just thought that you should know that I'm not coming back to this blog yet. not till I finish No. 2 which honestly, I don't know when. just hope it's soon though. This emotional roller coaster is starting to tire me out and I'm afraid that in the end I might just abandon everything. haih -____-

till then, tata.

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