Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Hi hi. My impulsive buying syndrome needs no introduction. It got even worst last Ramadhan you have no idea how much I've spent in that one month. tsk tsk. It's so bad guys. Almost took back the money I've put on Raya money packets that were intended for kids. -______-  #sopetty

Anyway, came back to my senses, brainstormed solution, in the end decided to sell them on Carousell. Remember my LE Alhambra Duck story? I sold it on Carousell as well. and I've been addicted to Carousell ever since! I'm happy to report that my impulsive buying habit might not be a problem anymore....If I regret them, I can always sell them on Carousell! #problemsolved 

Source: Kim Leow

For now, I already have 7 listings. You can check them out here or on the button Preloved on top and of course, due to my nature of buy now think later, not everything is pre-loved. Some are brand new with tag. Check it out guys, spread the words, help support my shopping hobby #eh.


I was googling "worn once" earlier to check whether it's gramatically correct which kau dah kenapa la kan tetiba selama ni tak pernah kisah pun tunggang terbalik.. which I still don't know btw cause I got distracted reading this one post from a guy asking,

"Only worn once". Why do all ladies say this about their dresses?

He's genuinely asking guys. He thinks those ladies are lying since he thinks it's impossible to only wear a dress once. hahaha cute.

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