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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

[Bercuti ke Japan (Permulaan Musim Bunga) 2017 - Jadual perjalanan dan perancangan kewangan]


Finally, we're here! we're doing this guys. Sudden urge to write when I notice that I put "Blog about Japan and Perth" as my 2017 resolution -________- one and a half months to go, fighting!


If you notice, I put 2017 in my post header because I hope, this will be the first of many more trips to Japan.. yup, love it that much. Japan is my favourite so far. Everything is just so good I really can't wait to go back. =)

As usual, before I go into details, below are the brief itinerary and budget for the trip. All prices stated are for 4 person.


DAY 1 - ARRIVAL (read more)

Airport transfer to Ikebukuro (2,680 Yen) - 670 Yen per person - keikyu line (cheapest option)
Accomodation in Ikebukuro (RM382) - 2 nights from Airbnb. I wanted to show you the listing but too bad, she's not active anymore....well, this is what happen when you waited a year to write a post about it!

DAY 2 - FUJI! (read more)

Mount Fuji (Lake Kawaguchiko) - no entrance fee and transportation cost is explain below in other expenses.
Tokyo Metropolitan Tower - no entrance fee (transportation covered in 48 hours pass)
Kabukicho shinjuku - shopping or people watching (transportation covered in 48 hours pass)

Other expenses
Transport from Ikebukuro to Shinjuku (800 yen)
Transport from Shinjuku to Lake Kawaguchiko (1,800 yen)
Transport from Lake Kawaguchiko to Shinjuku (1,700 yen)
Retro bus two days pass (4,800 yen) - I won't suggest you to take this pass if you're not going to use it for two days. It is cheaper to just not buy any pass and pay the normal bus fare.
Tokyo Metro 48 hours pass (4,800 yen) - 1,200 yen per person
Food (3,650 yen) - miscellaneous

DAY 3 - MODERN TOKYO (read more)

Tsukiji Fish Market - (transportation covered in 48 hours pass)
Meiji Shrine - (transportation covered in 48 hours pass)
Harajuku - (transportation covered in 48 hours pass)
Shibuya crossing - (transportation covered in 48 hours pass)

Other expenses
Accomodation in Shibuya (RM271) - One night from Airbnb
Food (2,200 yen) - miscellaneous


Ueno Park - no entrance fee (transportation is covered in 48 hours pass)
Shusiken (4,320 yen) - lunch
Nakamise market - place to buy souvenir. We regret not buying more from this market (transportation is covered in 48 hours pass)
Sensoji temple - no entrance fee (transportation is covered in 48 hours pass)
Naritaya (1,500 yen) - Dinner
Starbuck (sdn bhd) - to kill time

Other expenses
Coin locker (1,000 yen)
Sleeper's bus to Kyoto ($187.97)
Food (1,000 yen)


Arashiyama forest - transportation covered in Kyoto one day pass
Sagano romantic train (2,400 yen) - 600 per person. Very pretty especially during autumn. (To go back to Arashiyama, we take JR so you need ICOCA Card.
Arashiyama bamboo trail - no entrance fee and transportation covered in Kyoto one day pass
Kiyomizudera - no entrance fee and transportation covered in Kyoto one day pass
Fushimi Inari - no entrance fee and transportation covered in Kyoto one day pass

Other expenses
Coin locker at Kyoto station - 1,000 yen
Kyoto one day bus pass - 2,000 yen (500 yer per person)
ICOCA Card - 8,000 yen (500 yen card deposit)
Food - Miscellaneous (2,190 yen)
Accomodation in Yao (RM473)


Coffee sesh - The Munch (sdn bhd)
Jinniyah Naramachi (3,693 yen) - for lunch 
Naramachi-Koshino-Ie Residence - no entrance fee
Naramachi Shiryokan no entrance fee
Nara Craft Museum no entrance fee
Nara Park no entrance fee
Todaiji Temple no entrance fee
Horyuji Temple no entrance fee
Naramachi Omizutori Festival no entrance fee

Other expenses
ICOCA Card - 4,000 yen


Mini market grocery shopping (sdn bhd) - again!
Ali's kitchen (sdn bhd) - lunch 
Shinsaibashi  (sdn bhd) - shopping!
Osaka castle park - no entrance fee. (the park, if you want to go in to the castle I think there's a fee)
Dotonbori  (sdn bhd) - street food

TOTAL SPENT (excluding flight ticket, personal shopping expenses and everything else tag as sdn bhd)

For 4 - (49,883 yen x 0.037 exchange rate) + RM 1,126 + ($187.97 x 4.18 exchange rate) = RM3,757.39
Per person - RM 939.35

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