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Saturday, November 18, 2017


When two of my friends came up to me recently and told me that they don't think they are good enough for anyone (tak layak untuk sesiapa) I was like whattttt, why do I have friends who think like this?

I scolded them, for obvious reason, why so low confident? why are they putting themselves this low? when in reality, they are both good people...and I am not just saying this because they're my friends. They are genuine good people, someone who help others all the time, with sincerity, without asking anything in return. So of course I got angry when two of among the best people I have in my life are saying things like this, because I know my people, I know my own taste, I trust my judgement, the people that I choose, the people that I keep, there's no doubt in my heart, they are the best among the lots, so if anyone, were to say that they feel worthless, I feel that I have failed as a friend.


Because of all the help that I get, all the love that I get, I am content with where I am now. I don't feel empty, or lonely, or left out.....I am really really blessed.

I feel guilty as a friend. I feel like I was slap on my face. I keep receiving and enjoying the good things but I forgot to give back to my friends. So selfish. =(

I'll try harder, to be the friend that everyone needs. But, help me out here too guys. Don't keep things to yourself. I can't help someone who's not asking. 

This is something that I come across recently, just thought I'd share it with you guys,

"Many of us, we put intimate, romantic love on this special pedestal and that's not to say it isn't special, of course it is. But we undervalue companionship. Now, blueprint says, I will only truly get rid of my loneliness when I find that romantic love. Alain de Botton said, "it's only when we value companionship at that level, that we can choose a person for their merits, instead of simply because we think that being in a relationship is going to cure us of some loneliness in our current state," It won't. We can be just as lonely in an intimate relationship and we can be just as happy and fulfilled with a companion, with somebody that we share those amazing connected moments of life with, as we can in a relationship," - Matthew Hussey.

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