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The day Ikin become a bro

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Del, the shopping mall lover, was telling us about her weekend. She told us about the new Huawei or was it Oppo? Don't remember...One of the phone has this one feature where their camera can detect a person age. Del was happy with the phone since it detected younger age for her. She bragged and bragged and bragged about it. Not willing to lose, the next thing we know, everyone start downloading the age detecting app that used to be viral several months ago.

So the result was:

Ikin is a man! We tried it several times and Ikin, only Ikin got 'man' as her gender! Well, to be completely honest, sometimes she is female but an old female....36+. So we asked her to choose, does she wants to be young but a man, or female but old?

And when Faten knows about this, of course she won't let this go. From that day onward, Ikin is 'bro'.

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