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2017 Goals in a nutshell & Goals for 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

This is a continuation of What happen with 2016 Goals?


2017 Goals in a nutshell

a. Ganti Puasa
Done. excluding the one I missed because of dengue.

b. Turn room into Pinterest worthy room
Obsolete. I remove this from my goal after Abah passed away. After Abah passed away, I am hardly at my room; I spend my days at the family hall with Emak and I even sleep with Emak so I don't feel connected with my room anymore. That room has downgraded from a space that I love the most at home to a space where I pray and get ready to go out.

c. Khatam Quran

d. Weigh 55 kg
Fail. In my defense, I did lose weight, but not 55kg yet. I started this year at my heaviest, be exact it's 67.96kg but whatever it's still 67 (in denial), depression does that to me. lol look at me blaming mental health over my own lack-of-self-control self. But I am 62 now!

Why am I so happy about disclosing my weight to the whole world? lol. Honestly, anything is better than 68. For 25 years, I was always that overweight girl who doesn't even care that she's weights are like increase, stagnant, increase, stagnant. I never care....until two years ago, when I read 67! sixty freaking seven! Major wakeup call.

To lose 6kg and maintain it throughout this year, it's good enough for me.

P/S: If it were up to my normal self, I would just set the goal for 60kg, I am very fine with being overweight but Emak kept saying when she was my age, she only weigh 55kg, so challenge accepted! (although challenge not fulfilled...yet)

e. Finish Cambodia/Vietnam
Done. Read more here

f. Write about Perth
Done. For this one, I am going to go with technicality issue. My goal was to write about Perth and I did wrote something about Perth I just didn't finish it yet. =P

g. Write about Japan
Done. This one too. I wrote something about it (read more) even pasted the whole itinerary. kire boleh la tu.. (I am cheap like this)

h. Write about KK
Done. Read more here

i. Write about Laos
Obsolete. Burned the ticket to Laos because of work commitment

j. Write about Cebu
Obsolete. The trip did not happen.

k. Pass one ACCA paper
Fail. Did not even register for an exam.

l. Don't fall back to sleep after Subuh for one month
Done. Read more here. I certainly did it...for that one month. After that I am back to my normal self. -_______- This is when I realised that one month is too little. I mean, achieving this is an improvement, I am not saying it's not...but again, 1/12 is too little.

m. Read 12 books
Done. This is a sprint. haha. In chronological order (date read oldest to latest):
1. The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell
2. Who's that Girl
3. Touch Your Heart
4. Letters to a Young Muslim (recommended)
5. Ibn Tamiyyah's Essay on The Heart (recommended)
6. Dumped (recommended)
7. Dot Journaling
9. Daring to Drive (recommended)
10. Breathe
11. Get Shit Done
12. Don't You Forget Me

Total goal: 13
Done: 8
Fail: 2
Obsolete: 3

2018 goals
a. Ganti puasa (2018 Ramadhan cycle)
b. Khatam Quran - two times
c. Weigh 55kg
d. Don't fall back to sleep after Subuh for 3 months
e. Read 15 books
f. Complete one 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle
g. Cook main dish - 12 times
h. DIY 2018 planner
i. Keep a planner/journal (measure: write on it for at least 5 days a month)
j. Finish pop pilates for beginners
k. Save RMx in 2018 (x because this is too personal)
l. Keep "In case I Die" folder on desktop (I have a really good reason for this. Will share once this is complete)
m. Write about Medan
n. Write about Krabi
o. Write about Bali
p. Write about Umrah (insyaallah)
q. Write about Hanoi
r. Schedule another local trip
s. Pass two ACCA papers (no choice...have to do it. if not, one of the exam you pass will become ss)

Did I list too much for 2018? I don't know. I am going to try them out. Personal development wise, 2017 has been a good year...yes, I did not complete the whole task but I cleared majority of it....which is really well compared to 2016. I am not going to beat myself too much about it. I am just going to let lose and pat myself for a job well done. You did good Athirah.

To a better year in 2018, Insyaallah. (Hope there is no more technical issue next year =P )

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